Is it Really Healthy? Clearing up the Food Confusion


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It seems like we're constantly bombarded with conflicting health information. Everyone has their own (usually emotion driven) opinion on what foods are healthy and what foods we should avoid.

If you follow a ketogenic approach, , you can't eat bread. If you follow your conventional dietitian's recommendations, you should be prioritizing whole grain bread.

In this episode, Joe and John discuss some of the most confusing foods and give their final ruling on whether or not they are healthy.

Topics discussed include:

  • Get 20% off any keto supplements HERE (use coupon code PRIMALEXAMPLE)

  • Eggs (whites vs yellows)

  • Why the egg yolk MIGHT actually be bad for us after all

  • How to protect your eggs from becoming oxidized

  • Damaged fats creating damaged cell membranes

  • Free range eggs vs cage free eggs

  • Beta glucans in oats

  • Beta glucans lowering cholesterol

  • Beta glucans lower glycemic response

  • Mycotoxins in oats

  • Teddy bear honey vs. raw honey

  • The immune boosting properties of local honey

  • How raw honey can help you regulate your weight

  • The benefit of pinocembrin in honey

  • The benefit of chrysin in honey

  • Chrysin as an aromatase inhibitor

  • Dark roast coffee can protect against DNA damage

  • How chocolate can decrease your risk for heart attacks and strokes

  • The powerful antioxidants in chocolate

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