PEP 68: Obsessions vs. Healthy Habits: Do you have Orthorexia?


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Orthorexia, a term coined in 1997 referring to unhealthy obsession with healthy eating, seems to be more prevalent than ever.

Popular elimination dietary approaches such as ketogenic diets, vegan diets, and paleo diets all promise to improve your physical health by eliminating certain food groups. While I believe that each of these diets can be beneficial at times, they all overlook the most important influence of our health: SOCIAL RELATIONS.

While nutrition and fitness are key components to upgrading your health, research continues to show that our social relationships have a bigger impact on our lifespan AND OUR HEALTHSPAN.

While ignoring the impact of social relations on our health and well-being, these elimination diets may also contribute to an overall unhealthy relationship with food. It's important that we look at nutrition as only one piece of the health puzzle, not a religion.

In this episode, Joe shares warning signs of orthorexia, discusses disordered eating, and provides 5 tips to maintain a social life while adopting a healthier lifestyle.

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