PEP 67: Using a Keto Reset to Become More Metabolically Flexible w Mark Sisson

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The Keto Reset Diet, Primal Kitchen

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The Keto Reset Diet

  • The Primal Blueprint

  • Why Mark started recommending a ketogenic diet

  • How to merge primal and keto

  • How to become more metabolically flexible using a ketogenic diet

  • How does protein affect ketosis?

  • Do we NEED to eat carbs to survive?

  • The sale of Primal Kitchen to Kraft-Heinz

  • How to use a ketogenic diet to boost athletic performance

  • How to properly count net carbs while on a ketogenic diet

  • Should cannabis be considered a performance enhancing drug?

  • What is Mark's favorite alcoholic beverage?

  • What does Mark like to watch on Netflix?

  • What does Mark think of the carnivore diet?

Did you enjoy the episode?

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