PEP 59: Play vs. Exercise: Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Child with Darryl Edwards

Movement expert Darryl Edwards joins the show to discuss play vs. exercise. Darryl, the author of the bestselling book Animal Moves, educates people worldwide on how to embrace their inner childhood thru play.

The evolution of technology has forced our bodies to be far less capable of performing basic movements such as squatting, crawling, and jumping. While the mainstream fitness paradigm is centered around “blood, sweat, and tears”, Darryl promotes a more playful approach of regaining our lost "animal movement" capabilities.

Did you know that you burn 10% more calories by standing instead sitting?

Did you know that standing all day can be unhealthy and contribute to postural abnormalities?

In this episode, you'll hear about Darryl's journey from desk-jockey to movement expert, how you can regain your health thru movement, why you should embrace your inner child, and much more.

Links to topics discussed:

Enjoy :)

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