PEP 57: Toxins, Cell Phones, & the Keto Fad w/ Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, & Functional Medicin

Tired of being sad, sick, and overweight? Many people feel unwell and exhausted constantly and it's time to not accept this as "normal". As a human being, you don't deserve to spend your time on this Earth feeling like a zombie or a slave to pain, and thankfully, life doesn't have to feel this way forever. The solution might be easier and older than you think!

On episode 57, we interview Dr. Stephen Cabral, author of the international best seller The Rain Barrel Effect, which explores how a 6,000-year-old secret could hold the answer to feeling well, losing weight, and feeling alive again.

Topics include:

  • "The rain barrel effect"—what it is and what inspired Dr. Cabral to write a book about it

  • How and why we're getting sicker as a society

  • How cell phones are impacting our health

  • The environments that make us sick

  • What we can do to tackle the toxins in our environments

  • The problem with sunscreen

  • Three triggers for disease

  • Foods to avoid at all costs

  • Three health practices to start immediately, and more!

Links to topics discussed:

Enjoy the show!

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