PEP 55: Simple & Free Fat Burning: How to Brown Your Fat

What if the key to fat burning was fat “browning”? And how the hell do we do that?

Diet and exercise have long been praised as the mama and papa of fat loss, but modern research dares us to dig deeper when it comes to what REALLY makes us burn fat.

In episode 55, we break down the types of fat, which fat is the fat you want to have, and three FREE simple ways to burn fat FOR REAL.

Topics discussed include:

  • What you’re really doing when you’re on a crash diet

  • The best way to burn fat, according to the latest research

  • The difference between brown and white fat

  • How to burn fat without diet or exercise

  • Why you need to “chill” to burn fat

  • Melatonin’s role in fat burning

  • What the hell is adiponectin and why it can turn you into fat-burning machine

  • Intermittent fasting’s effect on obesity

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