PEP 53: Fish Oil Supplements Are Dangerous, Hormone Disrupting Cosmetic Ingredients, and Flax Seeds

In part 2 of this Q&A podcast, Joe and Amber answer listener questions that were submitted thru Instagram and Facebook.

ANNOUNCEMENT: During every Q&A episode, The Primal Example team will choose one listener to receive free Primal Example merchandise. Enter to win by submitting questions to be answered on the show and/or leaving us a review on iTunes.

Topics discussed include:

  • Getting swole while injured

  • Fish oil supplements are harmful

  • Flax seeds are overrated

  • Hormone disrupting cosmetic ingredients

  • Whether or not you need carbs post workout

  • The science behind fast food ruining your gainz

  • Reducing cell phone radiation

  • Grounding to counteract inflammation from electronics

  • High protein foods for when you are bored of chicken

Enjoy the show!

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