PEP 49: Is Your Doctor Lying To You? - w/ Dr. Ken Berry

In this episode, we talk with functional medicine practitioner and author of the book Lies My Doctor Told Me, Dr. Ken Berry about myths in the health community, absolute risk vs. relative risk, why meat is perfectly healthy, and how gluten seems to negatively impact everyone (NOT JUST PEOPLE WITH CELIAC).

Topics Discussed:

  • 2:00 - How did Dr. Berry become the doctor who exposes other doctors?

  • 7:00 - Why most "published research" is faulty

  • 10:15 - Why meat and saturated fat are perfectly healthy (from a Doctor's perspective)

  • 14:30 - Is your HDL to LDL cholesterol ratio useless?

  • 15:45 - Relative risk vs absolute risk

  • 16:45 - Why humans were never intended to eat grain

  • 18:15 - How does gluten affect people who don't have Celiac disease?

  • 24:00 - High fat dairy vs low fat dairy. Are humans equipped to eat dairy?

  • 31:20 - Why calcium isn't the most important nutrient for your bones

  • 34:50 - "Speeding up your metabolism" is stupid

  • 36:50 - Why we shouldn't have to eat often to keep our blood sugar stable

  • 37:25 - Dr. Berry's thoughts on intermittent fasting

  • 39:15 - A doctor's thoughts on veganism

  • 45:00 - 3 things to start doing RIGHT now to improve your health

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