PEP 48: How to Finally Reach Your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution

Topics Discussed:

  • 1:15: *Sponsor - LonoLife: Bone Broth K-Cups*

  • 2:10: Episode Intro

  • 3:15: The importance of understanding WHY most people fail to acheive their New Year's health goals

  • 6:00: We discuss research that was published in the PLOS One Journal about grocery purchasing habits during the holiday season.

  • 7:00: During the holiday season (June-March), the amount of calories purchased at the grocery store increased by 15%.

  • 7:30: 75% of the extra food that was purchased during the holiday season was classified as "unhealthy".

  • 8:15: Sales of foods that were classified as "healthy" increased by 30% after the holiday season. This is great news. This proves that we are actually trying to start eating healthier foods!

  • 8:45: Sales of foods that were classified as unhealthy REMAINED THE SAME. In other words, we didn't stop eating the bad stuff. We simply added a little bit of the good stuff. This is NOT GOOD NEWS for your weight loss goals.

  • 10:15: Each week after the new year, the amount of calories purchased INCREASED BY 9%! To sum it up, we are basically added healthy foods on top of unhealthy foods. We should be replacing, not adding!

  • 11:30: We discuss a study showing that exercise DOES NOT HELP prevent holiday weight gain. We discuss this time and time again. EXERCISE IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS TOOL!

  • 12:45: No, YOU DON'T DESERVE THE ICE CREAM. Food isn't a reward for exercise. Exercise isn't a punshment for eating.

  • 15:50: START NOW!

  • 18:18: Why we shouldn't reward children with unhealthy food

  • 21:00: The 14 Day Guide to Effortless Weight Loss, Unlimited Energy, and Increased Productivity

  • 22:00: Why the amount of heart attacks and strokes increase during holiday season

  • 26:00: Share your presence, not your presents

Links to topics discussed:

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  • Our FacebookLive video that had the vegans up in arms

  • Grocery store study

  • Exercise study

  • Episode 43 - exercise isn't effective for weight loss

  • Message us on Facebook for help or to schedule a free consult

  • The 14 Day Guide to Effortless Weight Loss, Unlimited Energy, and Increased Productivity

  • Heart attack deaths during holiday season study

Enjoy and happy holidays :)

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