Gordon Hayward Snaps his Ankle: Using a Trampoline for Injury Prevention

Papi Tip#5: What that Trampoline do?

There has been an influx of athletes getting injured recently. From Gordon Hayward snapping his ankle on national television to NFL MVP candidate Deshaun Watson tearing his ACL and effectively ending his season, there is no shortage of injuries to report.

While there are many reasons that injuries are on the rise including overtraining, stronger opponents, musculature imbalances and more, most athletes can benefit from jumping on a trampoline daily. Using a trampoline has been clinically shown to increase bone density, decrease fat mass, improve the functioning of your detoxification system & much more.

At Primal Example, we recommend starting each day by jumping on a rebounder (mini trampoline) for approximately 5 minutes. If you are looking to purchase a mini trampoline, Craigslist is a good resource to use. We purchased our rebounder for a measly 15 dollars.

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