3 Health Experts That You Need to Follow

At Primal Example, our goal is to break free of dogmatic dietary approaches and one-size-fits-all health templates. In an attempt to do so, we draw knowledge from many different influencers in the health sphere. Often times, the health experts that we draw knowledge from disagree on nutrition recommendations. However, one thing remains constant; REAL FOOD ALWAYS WINS.

Below is a list of 3 health experts that we drawn knowledge and inspiration from when developing our own recommendations.

1) Mike Dolce


Mike Dolce is the creator of The Dolce Diet, one of the most respected health and wellness companies in the world of athletics. Voted as the Trainer of the Year for 4 consecutive years at the the World MMA awards, Mike has coached some of the UFC's top athletes including Ronda Rousey, Rampage Jackson, Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort and many more. As a former competitive powerlifter and mixed martial artist, Mike has an eclectic background that is adaptable to people from all walks of life ranging from professional athletes to soccer moms.

Why should you follow?

In a world full of ever-changing nutrition recommendations, Mike's approach has remained the same. Sticking with basic, scientifically proven nutrition strategies that promote health and longevity is the staple concept of The Dolce Diet. The approach is simple:

1) Eat earth-grown nutrients

Forget about dogmatic dietary approaches. Most people get ahead of themselves and try fad diet after fad diet, never actually reaching their health goals. The first step of any healthy lifestyle change should be to simply eat REAL FOOD. Eliminate the wasted calories from your diet and maximize nutrient density. Ensuring proper micronutrient intake will take you a long way on your health journey. Focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods and the rest will likely take care of itself in time.

2) Eat every 2-4 hours based on what you just did/what you are about to do

When following this principle, there isn't the urge to overeat at feeding times. Knowing that you will be eating again in just a few short hours keeps you from developing an emotional attachment to food and a binge eating mentality. Thinking of your food as fuel is a good way to manage your energy intake. Would you tell the gas station attendant to keep filling your gas tank even if they are telling you that it's full? Of course not. Treat your body the same way. Give your body the proper fuel without under or over-doing it.

3) Eat until you're satisfied, not until you're full

Similarly to principle #2, this principle entails being a conscious eater. Many people begin shoveling the next bite of food into their mouth before even swallowing their previous bite. Before they know it, their meal is done and they feel groggy and bloated. Taking time between each bite of food to recognize its effect on your body is a good strategy to resist overeating. Allow your body to recognize the food that you just ate before you begin taking another bite of food. Remember; when following this approach, you will be eating again in 2-4 hours, so you don't need to stuff yourself.

4) Be Accountable

If you want to be successful at anything in life, consistency is key. Diet is no different. Plain and simple: do the work, get the results

How to follow

- Mike's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

- Mike's Podcast: The Mike Dolce Show

- Mike's Books

2) Shawn Stevenson


Shawn Stevenson is the creator of The Model Health Show, one of the world's top health & wellness podcasts. Shawn is also the author of the bestselling book Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success. What separates Shawn from the plethora of other fitness and nutrition "experts" is his communication skills. Shawn's ability to convey complex material in a digestible fashion to his audience sets him ahead of his peers.

Why should you follow?

Are you tired of being given health advice without context? Shawn Stevenson should be your go-to health expert. Instead of telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing, Shawn answers the question "WHY?".

When I first began my health journey nearly 6 years ago, Shawn Stevenson was nowhere on my radar of nutrition experts. This is because I was looking for easy answers. As I proceeded further on my path to optimal health, I no longer wanted to follow health advice blindly. After stumbling upon Shawn's podcast and listening to a few episodes, I immediately knew that he was different. It finally clicked. If we don't know why we are doing something, we won't have the motivation to continue doing it. There are countless people who are in the same position that I was, looking for the answer to the question "why?".

Enter in Shawn Stevenson.

Have you ever listened to a podcast and felt as though the host was trying to prove their intelligence and feed their ego instead of help the listeners? Shawn is the exact opposite. He approaches his teachings from a "value creation" perspective instead of a "value extraction" perspective. He delivers the latest nutrition and fitness information in a digestible, non-elitist fashion, incorporating love and understanding into his teachings. Through his podcast, Shawn has helped answer millions of people's "why?" and further them on their path to becoming the best version of themselves.

How to follow

- Shawn's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

- Shawn's podcast: The Model Health Show

- Shawn's book: Sleep Smarter (bonuses available!)

3) Luis Villasenor


Luis Villasenor is the creator of Ketogains, a company focused on helping people reach their desired body composition while following ketogenic dietary strategies. Unlike most ketogenic "experts" Luis isn't dogmatic in his approach. He doesn't believe that following a ketogenic diet is for everyone or that it is a magical weight loss formula. Through his Ketogains Facebook community, Ketogains bootcamps and website, Luis and his team have helped thousands of people worldwide lose weight and reclaim their health.

Why should you follow?

Ketogenic diets are more popular than ever. Everyone wants to "be keto". Many people in ketogenic communities equate having higher levels of blood ketones with greater weight loss. Luis refutes this. Instead, Luis says that you should "chase results, not ketones". Many dieters forget the reason they began dieting in the first place: to lose weight or to simply look better naked. This is why Ketogains focuses on BODY RECOMPOSITION. Luis doesn't view ketosis as a goal, but as a side effect of healthy macro/micronutrient partitioning through the consumption of whole, unprocessed foods.

Dissimilar to most ketogenic communities, Ketogains doesn't recommend eating an unlimited amount of dietary fat. Instead of providing their followers with an inflexible macronutrient template to follow, Luis and his team created the Ketogains macro-calculator, a science based calculator to help you determine your optimal fat, carbs and protein data to help you reach your individual goals. I personally used the Ketogains macro-calculator to provide me with the data I needed to lose 15 pounds (from 170-155) in 8 weeks.

If you are looking for no-nonsense ketogenic diet advice, Luis Villasenor is your guy. One of the things that we Iove about Luis is that he doesn't sugar coat anything (see what we just did there?). This has made him somewhat of a controversial figure within the paleo/ketogenic community. Although some folks regard Luis as a controversial figure, you can trust that all of his recommendations are backed by scientific research. In fact, Ketogains is one of the only ketogenic communities in the world that is reccommended by Robb Wolf, the godfather of modern paleo.

We had Luis on episode 31 of our podcast to discuss some controversial topics within ketogenic communities including how protein, alcohol, fatty coffee and stress affect ketosis.

How to follow

- Ketogains Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

- Ketogains Facebook group

- Ketogains Macro-Calculator

- Ketogains bootcamp

THANK YOU Mike, Shawn and Luis for all of the work that you put into perfecting your craft. You serve as an inspiration for all that we do at Primal Example! You are appreciated.

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