PEP 41: Aerobic vs. Resistance Training and Q&A Part 3

There seems to a lot of confusion among fitness enthusiasts. If you search the internet for fitness guidance, you'll likely come across three different schools of thought:

1) Cardio is king. Aerobic training such as jogging holds the key to weight loss and overall health and longevity.

2) Resistance training (lifting weights) is the only form of exercise that you should be doing for optimal body composition, preventing osteoporosis, and increasing anabolic hormones.

3) A training program consisting of a combination of aerobic and resistance training is the best way to achieve optimal health and wellness.

In episode 41 of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe and guest co-host John O'Connell examine new research comparing aerobic training vs. resistance training and their effects on bone density, strength, body fat and overall health.

Joe and John also answers listener questions about:

  • How to navigate "cheat days"

  • What's the deal with protein consumption while following ketogenic, paleo and intermittent fasting style diets?

  • Does drinking milk cause a decrease in bone density?

Got questions you'd like answered on the podcast? Submit them in the comments below or send them to us on Facebook here

Topics discussed include:

  • 3:30 - LonoLife - hydrolyzed collagen coffee K-cups and bone broth k-cups (use promo code Primal10 for a 10% discount on your entire order)

  • 5:45 - Our new segment "what's new in research?"

  • 9:00 -Results from the New England Journal of Medicine study about resistance training vs. aerobic training (THE RESULTS ARE CRAZY - BUT YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE TO HEAR THEM!)

  • 19:00 - Will cardio make you lose your gains and lean mass?

  • 25:15 - Exercise doesn't help with weight loss?

  • 28:30 - Listener Q&A

  • 29:00 - Protein powders while paleo, keto or fasting - Will protein knock you out of ketosis?

  • 34:00 - How to minimize cheat days when starting a diet

  • 38:00 - Weight loss on a ketogenic diet. Pros and cons of keto. Lazy keto vs high(er) protein keto

  • 41:00 - Does drinking milk cause a decrease in bone density?

  • 46:45 - Vitamin K2, Phosphorus and Vitamin D for bone health - is calcium even important?

  • 49:00 - Deli meat causes cancer (?) and why correlation data is (mostly) useless

Links to topics discussed:


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