PEP 38: Circadian Rhythm, Blue-Light, Melatonin & Chocolate

When it comes to the most important lifestyle factors for optimal health, light exposure takes the cake. Sure, food and exercise are important. But did you know that being exposed to artificial light can change what your body does with the food you eat?

Recent research has linked artificial light exposure to cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. This is a crucial concept to understand because most of us are exposed to artificial light on a 24-hr basis. We sleep with our TVs on at night and stare at cell phones and computer screens all day while we are at work. This artificial light exposure tricks our body into thinking that it is daytime all of the time, causing hormonal imbalances and a cascade of adverse health conditions.

The invention of the light bulb may simultaneously be the best and worst invention in human history. On one hand, we have been able to advance society and create relatively safe living conditions for much of the world's population due to the invention of the light bulb. On the other hand, we are now forced to deal with the consequences of introducing a new set of instructions to our biology. We didn't evolve alongside artificial light, so it is new to our biology. We are still figuring it out. While I suspect that our biology will adapt to better deal with artificial light exposure in the future, at this point in human history it's vital for our health that we do everything in our power to avoid blue-light (especially at night) if we want to avoid conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cancer

Next episode is another Q&A episode so ask us any questions you have regarding ketogenic/low-carb diets, the coconut oil vs. AHA fiasco, or any other health topics you may have questions about. Comment below or message us on Facebook with your questions.

Topics discussed:

  • 2:45 - Coffee is the most consumed antioxidant food in America

  • 4:00 - Collagen's ability to repair skin, reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and increase skin moisture (Check out LonoLife's Collagen Coffee - Use coupon code Primal10 for a 10% discount)

  • 7:00 - Topic of the day - Artificial Light

  • 9:45 - What is circadian rhythm?

  • 11:45 - Ancestral exposure to light - Our genes expect sun, moon, or fire exposure

  • 12:30 - Circadian control of hormones - Why you're tired when you wake up

  • 14:15 - Melatonin functions as an anti-cancer hormone

  • 16:00 - The World Health Organized classified night-shift work as a class 2A carcinogen

  • 17:00 - Artificial light increased body fat by inhibiting brown fat (the metabolically active, beneficial type of fat)

  • 20:15 - 24 hours of sleep deprivation can make you as insulin resistant as a type 2 diabetic and why you need to pay back your sleep debt

  • 21:45 - Blue-light blocking glasses and migraine reducing glasses

  • 23:00 - Screen dimming apps

  • 25:00 - Light receptors on our skin - what that means for getting high quality sleep

  • 27:15 - Earthing mats AKA grounding sheets - reducing inflammation and allowing for proper melatonin production

  • 28:45 - Chocolate - my three favorite innovative chocolate brands that are actually healthy

Links to topics discussed:

Enjoy the show :)

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