PEP 37: Coconut Oil vs The American Heart Association & Q&A Part 2

Here we go again. The American Heart Association released a report this week urging Americans avoid coconut oil due to its saturated fat content. Joe weighs in on this report and sheds light on cholesterol and inflammation as they relate to heart disease. Aside from going on a rant about saturated fat and cholesterol, Joe answers listener questions about various topics including workouts for beginners, chiropractic care, intermittent fasting, late-night snacking and stress.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • 2:00: Bone broth, autoimmunity and leaky gut

  • 5:30: Joe addresses The American Heart Association's report on coconut oil

  • 11:50: Joe answers: {What are some good workouts for beginners/someone who hasn't worked out in a while?}

  • 14:45: Joe answers: {What's your opinion on the benefits of chiropractic care?}

  • 15:50: Joe answers a question about Intermittent fasting, its benefits and how to hack an intermittent fast

  • 20:15: Joe answers a question regarding food cravings and late-night snacking

  • 23:45: Joe answers a question about stress and its impact on weight loss

Links to topics discussed:

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