PEP 32: How to stop fitting in & start stepping into your own unique greatness

Remember when we told you that we were going to take a break from podcasting for a month? Yeah, we sort of lied. Not only are we back on the mic but we are back better than ever with an all-star list of guests lined up for May. In episode 32 of the podcast however, it’s just Joe and Amber in studio sharing three ways to stop fitting in and explaining how to start stepping into your own unique greatness.

Some key takeaways include:

  • Create what you wish existed

  • Find a healthy balance between being a creator and being a consumer

  • Nothing feels better than creating something

  • Check your perspective

  • Who do you idolize and why do you idolize them?

  • Be someone worth idolizing

  • How do you want to be remembered?

  • Recognize your UNDERLYING desires

  • What do you want to HAVE when you grow up?

  • Writing down goals is a contract with the universe that you will achieve said goals

  • How to use essential oils and meditation to calm inner chatter and negative self-talk

Enjoy :)

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