PEP 35: Skin Health, Sugar, Hormones and Smoothies with Dr. Trevor Cates

Ever think that your cosmetic products could be making you fat? Chances are that at some point today, you used a skin product that contains classified "obesogens," which can activate your fat genes.

On average, both men and women use around 9 personal care products daily, leaving us exposed to around 126 different ingredients constantly. This practice can have dire consequences on our health, specifically the health of our skin. As our body's largest organ, our skin can act as a "magic mirror" into what's going on inside us, making it crucial to understand and take care of it properly.

It's no secret that more people are starting to care about what's in their food. Slowly, this is also becoming the case for cosmetic products. For example, over 1,000 skin care ingredients have been prohibited in Europe. However, in the United States only 11 of these ingredients have been officially banned. Considering this, it's up to us as individuals to take charge of not only what we put in our bodies, but what we put on them.

In this episode, we interview "the Spa Doctor" Dr. Trevor Cates, a world-renowned naturopathic doctor helping to navigate the conversation on holistic approaches to skin health. We touch on all things skin, explore the skin-food connection and how to rethink popular myths about how to have clean, healthy skin.

Topics discussed include:

  • Intro

  • 5:00 - Addictive Wellness Chocolate

  • 7:45 - How did Dr. Cates become known as The Spa Dr.?

  • 10:00 - How to find out your "skin type" and formulate a plan to overcome skin issues

  • 12:00 - Warning signs on your skin and what causes them

  • 13:45 - Dr. Cates' 2 week plan to create clean skin from within

  • 15:45 - Ingredients in skin care products that we should avoid and why we should avoid them

  • 17:20 - The problem with "fragrance" being in our personal care products -

  • 17:50 - Diethyl phthalate - what is it and how does it disrupt hormones?

  • 19:25 -Study : Phthalates are classified obesogens that alter gene expression and have been linked to metabolic damage

  • 21:00 - Parabens- hormone disrupting chemicals that have been found in breast tumor tissues - estrogen mimicking effects of parabens

  • 22:30 - Topical vitamin A derivatives - healthy or toxic? Are they effective?

  • 26:00 - Foods that are triggers for skin issues

  • 28:25 - Is your morning smoothie harming your skin? How to construct a truly HEALTHY, skin healing smoothie

  • 30:15 - What does Dr. Cates eat?

  • 34:30 - Alcohol consumption and skin health - Alcohol, blood sugar & dehydration

  • 35:50 - Birth control, plastic and environmental hormone disruptors and how they relate to skin health

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