PEP 33: Understanding Alzheimer's & Overcoming Cognitive Decline using a Ketogenic Diet with

In episode 33 of the podcast, Joe and Amber speak with Amy Berger, author of The Alzheimer Antidote, to shed light on why Alzheimer's Disease is being regarded as 'type 3 diabetes" and "diabetes of the brain" within various health/medical circles.

Without a cure or significantly successful treatment in sight, mainstream media has dubbed Alzheimer's as the losing end of a genetic lottery. In this interview, you'll learn why Alzheimer's disease isn't guaranteed even if you possess the so-called Alzheimer's gene. Amy also shares valuable insight into the true cause of most cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's known as hyperinsulinemia.

Good news! Amy is currently accepting clients for nutrition counseling. If you're confused about how to construct a proper ketogenic, low-carb or paleo diet for your own needs and goals, she's your gal. You can also consult with her to evaluate labwork and blood tests or just pick her brain. Contact Amy for nutrition counseling HERE.

Topics discussed include:

  • 3:30 - Amy's educational background and how she became interested in Alzheimer's research

  • 8:30 - How to navigate the modern nutrition education system

  • 12:00 - Elevated insulin levels are a independent risk factor for cognitive decline & some of the dietary choices that result in elevated insulin levels

  • 16:00 - Extreme dieting, low carb vs. keto & why being in ketosis isn't necessary for most people

  • 17:15 - Alzheimer's, aka diabetes of the brain, is an energy crisis of the brain

  • 19:00 - Using ketones to restore the metabolic functioning within the brain of Alzheimer's patients

  • 20:00 - Your brain needs glucose, but eat carbs isn't always necessary

  • 21:00 - Is glucose really the preferred fuel source for the brain?

  • 23:45 - Are beta amyloid plaques causing Alzheimer's or are they a symptom of the true cause? Why does every pharmaceutical drug designed to target beta amyloid plaques fail to provide cognitive improvements to Alzheimer's patients?

  • 29:45 - Do elevated insulin levels cause beta amyloid plaques?

  • 31:00 - Why having normal blood glucose & HbA1c readings doesn't mean that you don't have elevated insulin

  • 33:35 - Is cholesterol the brain's best friend?

  • 36:00 - Vegetable oils : avoid like the plague or is moderation the key?

  • 38:45 - Ketogenic diets for Alzheimer's patients vs ketogenic diets for "healthy" people

  • 41:00 - Vegan diets lacking several nutrients that are important for brain health

  • 45:10 - What does a typical ketogenic diet consist of?

  • 47:00 - Whole food keto vs. junk food keto & grocery shopping on keto. Is organic necessary while keto?

  • 49:00 - Why don't we hear about the benefits of ketogenic diets for Alzheimer's patients in mainstream media? Why don't doctors know about this?

  • 52:45 - The link between sleep deprivation, stress, lack of exercise & Alzheimer's

  • 55:45 - How to get into contact with Amy

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