PEP 31: How Stress, Alcohol, Protein & Bodybuilding Affect Ketosis with Luis Villasenor of Ketog

In episode 31 of The Primal Example Podcast, Luis Villasenor of Ketogains and the PEP duo get to the bottom of what it really means to be ketogenic, or to burn ketones instead of glucose for energy. How does bodybuilding while keto work? How do stress and alcohol affect ketosis? Should you measure your blood ketones, and who should try intermittent fasting? Find out about making gains, carbs vs net carbs and common misconceptions about how much protein you really need all while being in ketosis.

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Topics Discussed (time stamps based on video, not audio):

  • 00:25 - Intro (Luis' background and the background of his company Ketogains)

  • 05:25 - Should you exercise when beginning a ketogenic diet?

  • 07:45 - Do you need to eat often to build muscle?

  • 10:20 - Intermittent fasting - should women fast?

  • 17:35 - Should you eat pre/post workout meals?

  • 24:00 - Ketogenic diets for bodybuilders vs. ketogenic diets for sedentary people

  • 26:00 - How does stress affect ketosis and weight loss?

  • 30:00 - How does alcohol affect ketosis?

  • 40:00 - How to make sure all of your MICRONUTRIENTS are met while following a ketogenic diet

  • 44:30 - Should you take any specific supplements while following a ketogenic diet?

  • 55:00 - Luis' 3 most important tips for building muscle on ketosis

  • 1:02:00 - Outro

Links to topics Discussed:

Enjoy :)

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