PEP 30: 5 Small Changes for Big Health Results

The fast-paced way of modern living isn't conducive to being healthy. One of the major obstacles that people face when attempting to transition into a healthier way of life is a lack of time. What if there were small changes that you can make to your daily rituals that would provide big health returns?

In this episode, Joe and Amber share 5 small, clinically effective changes that you can make that will pay major dividends in the health department.



Topics Discussed Include:

  • Why advice to "eat less and exercise more" is bad advice for weight loss

  • Why most of us should avoid a carbohydrate heavy breakfast

  • How to avoid the dreaded mid-day crash (energy swings and constant hunger)

  • Why the world's major thought leaders choose to exercise in the morning

  • How to reset your circadian clock with exercise in the morning

  • The relationship between your circadian clock and your hormones

  • Why you need to do at least 1 thing you love every day

  • Strategies to reduce stress (adult coloring, bath rituals, essential oils, grounding and more)

  • How to upgrade your carb game

  • Why eliminating all grains from your diet may not be the most sustainable approach

  • If you are going to eat bread, what type of bread should you eat?

  • Acellular vs. Cellular carbohydrates (which should you eat and which should you avoid?)

  • Why you should turn the TV off when you sleep STARTING NOW

  • The effect of blue light on your circadian clock

  • Poor sleep results in same poor academic test results as binge drinking?

  • Melatonin being a powerful antioxidant like hormone that protects against cancer

  • Day time sunlight and exercise increase night time melatonin production

Enjoy the show!

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