PEP 28: 3 Therapies to Help You Lose Weight, Heal Injuries & Relax

In a world where you’re constantly being pushed to every imaginable limit, it’s easy to forgot to slow down and deal with health beyond diet and exercise. No matter how many leafy greens you eat or how many times a week you crush it at the gym, everyone can benefit from therapies that enable you to live smarter instead of harder.

In episode 28 of the Primal Example Podcast, Joe and Amber explore three easy forms of therapy that have been clinically shown to help shed pounds, promote faster recovery and relaxation. You also get the inside scoop on Joe’s sensual bath time rituals as well as a reminder to jumpstart your summertime fine with the 14 Day Guide to Effortless Weight Loss, Unlimited Energy & Increased Productivity.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Intro

  • 5:10 – What is infrared sauna therapy

  • 7:00 – The difference between infrared saunas and dry saunas

  • 8:30 – Why we should use infrared saunas to “detox”

  • 9:20 – Benefits of infrared saunas

  • 9:35 – A study published in JAMA showed that regular sauna use can lower sudden cardiac death by 63% and lower all-cause mortality by 43%

  • 11:20 – Sauna use is clinically proven to lower blood pressure and cortisol, reducing cardiac events

  • 13:30 – Study shows that regular infrared sauna usage over the span of 4 months can reduce body fat percentage by 4%

  • 15:45 – How to find infrared saunas near you

  • 17:40 – Breathing in nature/essential oils

  • 19:15 – What is forest bathing? What are the benefits of forest bathing?

  • 20:20 – Phytoncides can boost NK-cell activity by 50% - What are NK-cells?

  • 23:25 – Joe’s shares his relaxing bath ritual using essential oils (while Amber sings her rendition of “Lovers and Friends”

  • 24:42 – Cryotherapy – what is it?

  • 28:45 – Benefits of cryotherapy (fat loss, injury healing, fights inflammation, etc.)

  • 30:16 – Cryotherapy effect on brown fat vs. white fat – increased metabolic rate – increased calorie burning

  • 31:40 – LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alicia Keys, Tony Robbins & Joe Rogan do cryotherapy

  • 33:08 – How to find a cryotherapy studio

  • 35:24 – Episode Recap

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