PEP 27: What's new in research?

When it comes to health news, it can literally be life or death. Many of us rely on our social media feeds or favorite podcasts for relevant, reliable health information. However, depending on where this info is coming from and how its presented, we can be lead down a path of misinformation that can have real impacts on our lives.

Have you ever seen what raw published research looks like? Most people don’t have time nor patience to decipher random numbers and endless scientific jargon. Many well-intentioned bloggers see published studies and attempt to summarize them for their followers. Unfortunately, more times than not the blogger misrepresents the data and their devoted followers take it as gospel.

Everyday people should be able to interpret health data without the danger of amateur recklessness or mainstream media-induced confusion. If you’re down for it, we at Primal Example want to be your guides through the jungle of cutting-edge research.

In episode 27, we explore the latest research around sexy questions like:

  • Is your coffee killing you?

  • Do you really need to take fish oil?

  • Why in God’s name should you fast?

Listen in to find out how to apply the latest scientific research to your life with down-to-earth approaches and simple hacks!

Topics Discussed Include:

  • 2:35 - Topic intro

  • 7:00 - Published studies are difficult to interpret!

  • 8:20 - New research about fasting and its benefits

  • 10:20 - Fasting can increase the lifespan of mice by 15-20%

  • 11:15 - Why fasting is easier than you might think

  • 12:45 - You get the best results from a 16-hour fasting window & an 8-hour eating window .... How to construct your eating/fasting windows

  • 16:30 - Mimick fasting by eating fat without protein or carbohydrates

  • 18:00 - Fasting preserves muscle and doesn't ruin "gainz" .... study from BioMed

  • 19:20 - Coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants for Americans

  • 19:40 - Is coffee good for you or bad for you? What does the research say?

  • 21:10 - Coffee consumption can protect against DNA damage

  • 21:35 - Caffeine - good or bad?

  • 22:30 - New research shows that caffeine shortens telomeres - What are telomeres?

  • 24:45 - Coffee consumption lengthens telomeres

  • 27:20 - Are fish oil supplements a waste of money? Are there health risks?

  • 28:00 - How fish oil supplements CAN BE beneficial

  • 28:45 - The top 3 fish oil supplement brands on the market are selling rancid fish oils - What are the health risks associated with rancid oils?

  • 33:20 - Episode recap

Links to Topics Discussed

Enjoy the show!

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