PEP 25: Why Vegan, Paleo & Keto Diets Aren't Healthy

If you venture off into the abyss of YouTube videos regarding dieting, you'll most certainly encounter arguments being had and insults being hurled between members of opposing dietary communities. Scientific information goes by the wayside as emotions and ethics cloud the health argument. Members of the vegan community despise members of the paleo community. Paleo dieters think vegans are uninformed hippies. The conversation is rarely addressed from an unbiased, unemotional standpoint.

Enter in episode 25 of The Primal Example Podcast.

In this episode, the Primal Example duo records a podcast while answering listener questions on Facebook Live. Joe and Amber also take a much needed different perspective on dieting as they discuss why vegan, paleo and ketogenic diets may not be as healthy as their followers claim.

Buckle up and let the controversy begin!

Topics discussed include:

  • 0:30 - Intro

  • 4:00 - Why veganism isn't inherently healthy

  • 5:00 - Nutrients missing in a vegan diet

  • 6:00 - 83% of vegans are deficient in vitamin b12

  • 9:00 - Only 2-10% of vegan EPA and DHA are converted into usable forms in humans

  • 15:50 - How to biohack veganism and cover all of your nutrient bases

  • 20:00 - Possible problems with a paleo diet

  • 23:15 - Why paleo nutritional bars aren't healthy

  • 29:40 - What is a ketogenic diet and why isn't it healthy?

  • 35:25 - Episode recap

Enjoy the episode!

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