PEP 23: 3 Food Substitutions That Will Change Your Life + Why Rice Isn't Healthy

A common mistake that many people make when attempting a transition to healthier eating habits is getting ahead of themselves. Instead of making a slow transition into better eating habits, many of us try the cold turkey approach and simply avoid some of our favorite foods at all costs. Often times, this results in us falling off the wagon due to our inability to follow the restrictive dietary guidelines we set out for ourselves. One way to avoid this pattern is to use food substitutions. Finding foods that resemble our favorite foods but lack the same negative health consequences can help keep us on track, actually enjoying the food that we are eating.

In this episode, Joe & Amber discuss the negative health consequences of some of our favorite foods including soda, rice and ice cream. They also share

hack foods that can replace their conventional counterparts while not steering you off the path of your goals.

Main takeaways of this episode:

  • 1 soda per day can possibly shorten your life by more than 4 years by shortening your telomeres and causing DNA damage

  • Rice is not healthy - why? Phytates, lack of nutrients + sedentary American lifestyle

  • Conventional ice creams contain as much as 96 grams of sugar and 1,400 calories per pint

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • 1:00 - Intro

  • 2:20 - Joe & Amber discuss their new e-book: The 14 Day Guide to Effortless Weight Loss, Unlimited Energy & Increased Productivity

  • 4:45 - Emotional eating and unhealthy eating patterns

  • 9:50 - Zevia "healthy" soda

  • 12:40 - Why should you avoid soda? - Soda statistics

  • 15:00 - Research showing that drinking 1 soda per day can decrease your lifespan by over 4 years

  • 15:15 - Drinking 1 soda per day shortens your telomeres, damaging your DNA

  • 18:00 - What is Zevia soda made from? Why is it better than conventional soda? What is stevia? What are the different flavors?

  • 22:10 - Cauliflower rice & why brown + white rice aren't healthy

  • 24:50 - Brown rice is higher than white rice in phytates - what are phytates?

  • 26:00 - What does the nutrition profile of brown rice look like?

  • 27:25 - What does the nutrition profile of white rice look like?

  • 28:30 - Nutrition profile and benefits of cauliflower rice

  • 29:10 - Cauliflower rice has 75% of the daily value of vitamin C in a 1-cup serving

  • 29:30 - Benefits of vitamin C - antioxidant, free radical scavenger & important nutrient for skin health + repair

  • 33:00 - Enlightened ice cream - Diabetic friendly ice cream

  • 35:20 - Nutrition profile of Ben & Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream compared to nutrition profile of Enlightened ice cream

  • 39:45 - What's different about Enlightened ice cream? - erythritol + monk fruit extract as sweeteners - ghee + coconut oil as healthy fats

  • 46:00 - Episode recap and outro

Links to Items Mentioned:

Enjoy the show :)

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