PEP 22: 14 Days of Effortless Weight Loss, Unlimited Energy & Increased Productivity

New year, new you? As we approach the end of the second week of 2017, it's estimated that 32% of people have already given up on achieving their new year's resolution. In another 2 weeks, an additional 10% will totally abandon their resolutions and resort back to old habits. Interestingly, statistics show that the most popular resolution made for 2017 is to lose weight and eat healthier. Almost 32% of people who made resolutions included losing weight on their list. Unfortunately, less than half of these people will achieve success and continue pursuing their goals after 6 months.

Why do people give up on their weight loss goals and resort back to unhealthy habits? One of the reasons is because the popular formula to achieve weight loss success is distorted and faulty. Many well-intentioned dieters resort to restricting calories and exercising harder in attempt to lose weight. In theory, this formula makes sense. In practicality, this method is ineffective and can contribute to more weight gain, fluctuating energy levels and decreased mental performance. Simply put, the calories in/calories out formula to lose weight doesn't work in the real world.

In this episode, Joe and Amber discuss their new e-book; The 14 Day Guide to Effortless Weight Loss, Unlimited Energy & Increased Productivity. They also share the secret to achieving effortless weight loss: hormones. Additionally, they answer a few listener questions they received about ketosis.

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • 1:45 - Intro

  • 3:45 - Joe & Amber discuss their new e-book

  • 7:00 - Why calories in/calories out is ineffective for weight loss and why it's all about hormones

  • 13:00 - Defeating orthorexia (an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating)

  • 17:45 - What is leptin and how does it control hunger?

  • 21:00 - How does weight gain actually occur? Hint: it's not a lack of willpower

  • 24:45 - Intestinal permeability's role in leptin resistance & what we can do about it

  • 26:00 - Yo-Yo dieting and how it relates to leptin

  • 28:00 - Exercising to nurture leptin

  • 29:00 - Published research about a paleo diet's influence on leptin

  • 35:00 - What is ketosis? What does a ketogenic diet look like?

  • 37:00 - Can protein knock you out of ketosis?

  • 39:00 - Can ketogenic diets contribute to weight giain?

  • 39:30 - Ketogenic diets and thyroid hormones

  • 42:00 - Ketogenic diets and gut health

  • 45:00 - The reason why you're probably not in ketosis .... even if you think you are

  • 47:30 - Do I recommend a ketogenic diet?

  • 50:00 - Outro

Links to Items Mentioned:

Enjoy the show :)

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