PEP 20: Bacon is Healthy & Take Control Your Gut Bacteria to Take Control of Your Mind

Meat has gotten a bad reputation over the past 50 years or so. We've heard it all. Meat makes you fat. Meat will give you a heart attack because it gives you high cholesterol. Meat gives you cancer. Meat gives you diabetes. You name a negative health condition and meat consumption has been blamed for it. The main reason that meat has been vilified is due to it's saturated fat content. Contrary to popular belief, modern research is beginning to show that high-fat diets can help you lose weight, improve cholesterol, lower triglycerides and improve your energy levels. In this episode, we share published studies proving that high quality meat is perfectly healthy and not the enemy that it was made out to be.

We also talk about how you gut bacteria can make you fat. Here's the catch: you are in charge of your gut bacteria ! Major media outlets have done a solid job of convincing people that they have no control of whether they become obese or not and that it's all genetics. However, the scientific field of EPIGENETICS has proven that WE CONTROL OUR GENES. OUR GENES DON'T CONTROL US. While our gut bacteria certainly play a factor in obesity, the little bugs in our microbiome (gut bacteria colony) are merely a reflection of the lifestyle factors that we expose ourselves to. In other words, we are the captains of our own ship.

In fact, brand new research is beginning to look into something called a gut-brain-axis that is within all of us. This gut-brain-axis acts as a two-way communication portal between our guts and our brains. Our guts and brains are communicating constantly. Interestingly, stressful thoughts have the ability to alter your gut bacteria and promote the growth of the bad bugs and the destruction of the good bugs. Additionally, an imbalance of gut bacteria can also change the way your brain functions, promoting brain fog and a host of other cognitive issues.

We round out the show sharing 3 tips or lowering stress. If you are experiencing negative health effects due to an imbalance of gut bacteria, there are two ways to approach the situation. 1) You can intervene by directly changing your gut bacteria through supplementation or nutritional strategies. 2) You can intervene by controlling your stress, creating friendly communication from your brain to your gut by way of the gut-brain-axis. Learn about both intervention methods and much more in this episode.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • 7:00 - Why the QUALITY of meat is important

  • 10:00 - Debunking the saturated fat/bad cholesterol myth

  • 11:40 - 60% high-fat diet study improving cholesterol profile

  • 16:20 - Saturated fat not associated w/ heart disease study

  • 18:40 - 60% high-fat diets can help you lose weight study

  • 21:00 - Your gut bacteria can make you fat

  • 22:45 - How to get better gut diversity by "eating dirt"

  • 27:25 - Specific probiotic strain for weight loss study

  • 29:00 - The link between gut health and stress through the gut-brain-axis

  • 30:30 - Prebiotic supplementation lowering cortisol study

  • 31:30 - 3 Tips for lowering stress to improve gut health

Links to Items Mentioned:

Enjoy the show and be sure to comment below with any questions you'd like answered on future podcast episodes!

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