PEP 16: Vintage Eating for Families with Jenni Calihan of "Eat the Butter"

In this episode, Joe and Amber talk with Jenni Calihan of "Eat the butter" about how to make ancestral eating patterns more approachable for mothers and families. As Jenni discusses, mothers are typically the ones who purchase groceries for the family, so reaching mothers and educating them about the benefits of high-fat diets can drastically increase the health of the entire family. Primal/Ancestral eating can seem elitist and intimidating, deterring people from adopting this type of lifestyle. Jenni shares how to "soften the approach" of primal eating so it is more approachable for mothers and families alike.

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A little bit about Jenni

Jenni Calihan is the creator of Eat the Butter, a non-profit aimed to start a mother-to-mother conversation about diet and health. Through Eat the Butter, Jenni strives to reach parents and

families to educate them on the benefits of adopting a real-food-more-fat eating approach, which she calls ‘vintage eating.’ She describes "vintage eating" as basing meals on real, whole, full-fat foods like your great-grandmother did… minus the Crisco. She has been feeding her family (four kids) for twenty years. Her movement is growing, with over 30,000 social media followers. Jenni is a former consultant who holds a degree in Human Biology from Stanford and a Tuck (Dartmouth) MBA.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Ancestral eating feeling elitist

  • Reaching mothers about the benefits of real-food, high-fat diets

  • How to navigate the grocery store in a healthy, affordable way

  • Vintage eating

  • The importance of avoiding vegetable oils

  • Butter/Heart disease statistics

  • Challenging USDA dietary guidelines

  • High-fat diets eliminating hunger

  • Primal vs. Paleo vs. Bulletproof diets

Links to Topics Discussed:

Hope you enjoyed the show :)

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