PEP 009: 5 Natural Remedies to Combat Allergies

On this episode of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe and Amber discuss the root causes of allergies. They also share 5 natural remedies to combat allergies and provide several studies from scientific journals regarding the effectiveness of these remedies. Also discussed is some of the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • Amber's allergy article for Whole Foods Magazine

  • Allergy statistics

  • What are allergies?

  • Pharmaceuticals vs Natural Remedies

  • Side effects of pharmaceuticals

  • Stinging nettle

  • Stinging nettle's effect on NSAIDs

  • Can micro-exposures help?

  • Spirulina

  • Spirulina vs allergies

  • Spirulina vs HIV

  • Cytokines and immune responses

  • Pycnogenol pre-exposure

  • Pycnogenol

  • Omega 3s

  • Omega 3s at the dollar store

  • Probiotics vs allergies

Enjoy the show :)

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