PEP 008: 3 Foods We've Been Told are Unhealthy

In this episode, Joe and Amber discuss 3 of the most important healing + nutritious foods that we've all been told are unhealthy. Joe shares some research on some of the nutrients in these foods as well as health complications you may face by excluding them from your diet. Of course, we have to give a big thanks to Wrawp Foods for sponsoring this episode!

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • The interesting history of chocolate (cacao)

  • The health benefits of dark chocolate vs milk chocolate

  • Why eating "dark chocolate" isn't enough

  • Antioxidant benefits of cacao

  • Cacao vs goji and acai berries

  • Cacao's potential of preventing heart attack

  • The possibility of cacao aiding stroke recovery

  • Cacao's effect on LDL cholesterol oxidation

  • Raw cacao vs chocolate

  • Why butter was demonized

  • U.S health statistics since we demonized butter

  • Grass-fed vs conventional butter

  • Butyrate vs. mental illness

  • Butyrate vs. diabetes

  • Butyrate vs. leaky gut

  • CLA's ability to activate the apoptosis process

  • How salt is not the enemy we make it out to be

  • Elevated insulin, not salt, causing high blood pressure

  • Salt consumption statistics and how it relates to high blood pressure statistics

  • Aldosterone/Insulin link to high blood pressure

  • Is there such thing as "too much" salt?

  • Mineral content of different types of salt

Links to topics discussed:

Enjoy the show :)

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