PEP 006: Regenerative Agriculture with Farmer Paul of Primal Pastures

In this episode, Joe and Amber talk with Farmer Paul of Primal Pastures about regenerative farming, food labeling, and why you should be eating the whole animal. You'll learn about the difference between pasture raised chicken and factory farmed chicken, why creating a "sustainable farm" isn't the best goal, and how to get the best quality meats for the cheapest prices. 

Topics Include

  • Regenerative farming vs sustainable farming

  • How bad factory meat really is for your health and the environment

  • Why properly executed animal farming isn't harmful to the environment

  • Reading labels on animal products at the grocery store

  • Soil health

  • How to get the best quality meat for the cheapest prices

  • How to go about finding the best meat in your area

Links to topics discussed

Enjoy the show !

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