PEP 005: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Conventional Medicine

In this episode of The Primal Example Podcast, Joe and Amber discuss how being dogmatic about medicine is a rookie mistake. They also share a list of 3 things that are missing from your typical conversations about conventional medicine and tell you how you can win raw/vegan/paleo wraps from their sponsor by simply writing a review for the podcast on iTunes.

Subscribe to the show HERE and write a review to enter to win the Wrawp giveaway !

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Wrawp wraps

  • Wrawp free giveaway

  • Bacteria being your friend

  • Conventional medicine's antibacterial obsession

  • Hand sanitizer lotions

  • The long-term effects health of antibiotic use

  • Bacteria in NYC public transit/parks being health promoting

  • Bacteria/C-Section childbirth

  • Taking time to make an informed medical decision

  • Functional medicine

  • Joe's dad's life-saving surgery

Enjoy the show and good luck in the Wrawp giveaway !

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