PEP 001: Getting to know each other, staying healthy on vacation, and Facebook Q&A

In the pilot episode of the Primal Example Podcast, Joe and Amber introduce themselves, share vacation stories, offer up their 3 most important tips for staying healthy while on vacation, and answer some questions that were submitted to them through Facebook.

Topics discussed include:

  • Amber’s articles written for Whole Foods Magazine

  • Healthier choices for alcohol mixers

  • Beneficial supplements that help “hack” you through some of the negative effects of alcohol

  • Amber’s vacation debauchery

  • Snacks to bring on a long road trip

  • HIIT and its hormonal benefits

  • Cortisol and exercises that trigger it

  • How to keep focused on a diet

  • How to lose the “right kind of weight” for your own body

  • Saturated fat and it’s unfortunate role as a villain

Products Mentioned Include:

Enjoy the show !

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