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Did you know that healthy employees have been shown to be more productive and absent from work less often? 


Corporate Wellness Seminar:

  • Program designed to improve employee work rate & increase business revenue

  • Easy to implement lifestyle modification  strategies focusing on nutrition & movement

  • Options: 

    • Catered Food Seminar​

    • Exercise & Movement Seminar

    • Hourly Health Seminar

    • All-Day Health Seminar

If you want to improve job performance by 25%, lower worker absenteeism, and reduce healthcare costs, contact Joe to set up a free introductory call.

Employee Benefits Consultation:

  • Work with your Team's Management and HR Professionals to optimize your companies benefits program​

  • Personalized survey to assess employee risk and ​proactively target weaknesses 

  • 12 Months of consultative follow-up 


Next Generation firms like Google & Apple have prioritized employee health  to cultivate a less stressful work environment and become a more desirable employer. Contact John to set up a free introductory call. 

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