The Primal Example Team

Joe is a Certified Primal Expert who is a true student of the Primal health scene. Having received a bachelor's degree in nutrition from Montclair State University, Joe has a unique perspective on the health world that allows him to identify with the challenges of modern everyday life while still recognizing the possibilities enabled by incorporating ancestral wisdom backed by up-to-date research.


Joe spends his days doing research, reading books, trying new Primal recipes, engaging in functional fitness activities, sharing knowledge with others, and bonding with his longtime girlfriend. As a veteran of the Primal health scene, Joe promotes a holistic approach that includes nutrition, movement, rest, play, and relationship building. He shuns a dogmatic health approach and leads his clients down a path of endless possibilities with fun recipes, playful movement (exercise) programs and biohacking techniques that feel like fun experiments to keep clients engaged and enthusiastic.

John O'Connell

Co-host/Head of Business Development

John is popularly known as the “business mind” of Primal Example. As a co-host and Head of Business Development at Primal Example, John is the common man of the show: a simple skinny guy who also is experiencing the growths of a healthier lifestyle. An Econ major from Rutgers University, John’s career path has taken him into business development roles in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and sustainability industries.


John proudly reps Chi-town and embraces an active lifestyle consisting of various sports, hiking, and working out. An avid fantasy sports player, John is most passionate when watching the Dallas Cowboys on a Sunday afternoon.



Joe Condora Jr.

Certified Primal Health Expert

Lifestyle Modification Specialist